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Real relationships, shared goals, that’s where the magic happens.

We’re obsessed with helping you build a winning team or finding you the perfect tech role. What’s important to us is developing real, lasting relationships. Our relationships over time help us connect with you and your business on a deeper level, consider us part of the team. It helps us get it right, meaning we’re able to connect you with others who have shared values and passions, so great things happen in your city.


Incredible futures are built together.

We know our stuff.

At our core we’re specialist tech recruiters who provide access to the whole market for both our candidates and clients. We make this possible through intelligent market mapping and by deeply embedding ourselves in the cities we operate, nurturing and growing specialist tech communities.



To put it simply, we live and breathe technology in our cities, ensuring we introduce you to a world of permanent and contract opportunities.



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You can take their word for it.

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Build an incredible future.

Connect with the best tech minds to put your city on the map!

Through our homegrown tech communities we love bringing people together online or in person to problem solve, connect, innovate, support and grow our industry.


Life changing connections.


It means we’re able to provide you with talent and opportunities you can build on, deeper industry insight, real, up to the minute career advice and the tools to stand out from the crowd. Oh, and it’s a given that our food and drinks are always top notch

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We don’t like to brag, so we’ll let these guys do it for us.

Matt Webb - Technology Leader
Matt Webb
Technology Leader
Stephen Tallamy - CTO at Editshare
Stephen Tallamy
CTO at Editshare

It's always nice to be noticed!

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To our teams, values matter.

We’re looking for people who care as much about doing the right thing as we do. You know, the kind of people who you just like to be around, they draw you in, you remember their name and always pick up their call. They always give a damn about the things you do.… #LifeAtAF


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