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Why use a recruitment agency? Discover a better way to hire top tech talent...
Insights>Why use a recruitment agency? Discover a better way to hire top tech talent...
Sylwia Adamowska
Jun 03, 2024

Finding the right talent can be both time-consuming and expensive. Tasks such as posting job openings, reviewing applications, conducting background checks, and interviewing multiple candidates not only drain resources but also come with the risk of costly hiring mistakes.

Many businesses are now opting to outsource these responsibilities to professional recruitment companies. If you’ve never partnered with a recruiter before, you might be wondering how they can help you find the ideal candidate.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a specialized recruitment agency:


Streamlining your recruitment process

Recruitment agencies handle the majority of hiring tasks, such as job advertisements, application screening, and initial interviews.

At Austin Fraser, we take a personalised approach. Before we even begin the process of finding your future team member, we get to know your company goals and pain points to create the most optimal recruitment strategy.

Our tech recruiters guide you through the entire hiring process. This includes preparing you for different interview stages, offering feedback, negotiating salaries on your behalf, and assisting with onboarding once an offer is accepted.

Enhanced hiring quality and focus

Specialised recruitment agencies offer niche expertise and access to a wider candidate network, including passive candidates who are typically hard to reach, leading to more successful hiring outcomes due to their advanced selection and screening methods. 

This approach also allows you to concentrate on growing your business, while also freeing up internal HR to work on strategic initiatives.

Cost saving and lowering turnover

Partnering with a recruitment agency can be more cost-effective, eliminating the need for an in-house recruitment team and reducing overhead costs associated with salaries and benefits.

High turnover can be both problematic and expensive. A bad hire leads to wasted training costs, lost productivity, and re-hiring fees. Considering the average recruitment cost is around £30k, a poor hiring decision can significantly impact your business.

Collaborating with the right tech recruitment agency is a highly efficient solution for saving both time and money.

Filling specialised roles effectively

Recruitment agencies play a crucial role in sourcing candidates for specialized positions, utilizing their expertise and extensive networks across various industries.

With the demand for tech talent far outstripping supply, 86% of CIOs report facing increased competition for qualified candidates, and 73% are concerned about IT talent attrition.

At Austin Fraser, we have over 15 years of experience and have built strong relationships with local tech communities in the cities we operate in. We know the right people in the right places and have unparalleled access to passive talent. By focusing exclusively on the tech industry, we dedicate all our efforts to developing connections and maintaining relationships within the most niche markets.

Beneficial for smaller organisations

Smaller businesses, which might not have the resources for a comprehensive HR department, can significantly benefit from the talent pool and expertise of external recruitment agencies.

Efficient temporary staffing solutions

Some recruitment agencies can quickly source temporary staff, a task that would otherwise be time-consuming and resource-intensive for businesses to handle independently.

Finding the right talent can take time, and sometimes the perfect candidate has a long notice period. However, deadlines and projects still need to be met. What can you do in the meantime?

Consider hiring a contractor if you urgently need a short-term workforce.

One of the biggest advantages of using freelancers, aside from their expertise and skills, is their availability— sometimes even within just 48 hours! This makes them an ideal temporary solution to keep your projects on track while you search for a permanent hire.

At Austin Fraser, we have experienced recruiters specialising in managing tech industry contractors, making it easier than ever to meet your project deadlines with limited resources.

Looking for a reliable partner to help you find top tech talent to join your team? We’ve got your back!

As an industry-leading tech recruitment agency, our job is to make your life easier.

Demand for talent in the tech industry is stronger than ever and we’ll be with you at every stage of your hiring process, providing you with expert guidance and industry insights. 

Our tech recruiters can ensure good quality hires while prioritising speed to help you optimise your candidate experience to not only attract brilliant candidates but increase your retention rate in the future.

“When we first starting working with Austin Fraser we heard them say they were different but we didn’t know what to expect. Over the years what we’ve seen is a company that has rolled up their sleeves with us to find the really hard-to-recruit positions. They’ve helped us think out of the box to create customized recruiting events and helped us connect with our peers in Austin through industry leadership sessions. From those early beginnings Austin Fraser showed us with their hard work and intelligent decisions that they deserved to be one of our preferred partners.” - Brad Power, Whole Foods Market


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