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21 Ways to Stand Out as the Employer of Choice
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Sylwia Adamowska
Jul 19, 2023

64 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience: Part 1 - Website

As a candidate embarks on the journey of finding a new job, your company needs to stand out as the employer of choice. "How do I go about doing that? What do candidates want to see? Where do I even start?"

These are all questions you have probably asked yourself and your team when discussing the candidate experience of your employer brand. So for you, we have four areas to cover 64 different ways you can boost how people interact with your employer brand. These include your website, your job postings, your application process, and your onboarding programme. Let's start with your web presence.


1. Mobile

The largest proportion of your traffic will be on mobile, a poor user experience so early on will put candidates off for life.

2. Show your values

Attract strong candidates aligned with your values by displaying them clearly.

3. Outline the company mission

Candidates want to know where the company is going, they want to be inspired.

4. Show your people

Real people, not corporate stock photography. People buy people.

5. Tell stories

Apprentices who have risen, people who have travelled, awards that have been won, life goals hit.

6. Behind the scenes video

Even better, show your people in video format. Show them laughing, show the office environment. Allow candidates to try before they buy.

7. Get social

Dedicate a social platform (or more) to your Employer Brand. Instagram is a great place to start. Use it to show your culture and add a feed to your site.

8. Show your team

Add some bios for the people within your organisation the candidate is likely to engage with. Put a name to the face.

9. Show your awards

Don't boast, but we all want to work with the successful companies.

10. Introduce the leadership team

Make it aspirational. Humanise them, think 'fun' not 'warts and all on their education'.

11. Outline your learning culture

How do people rise? What is your commitment to their learning?

12. Show the perks

Better yet, get some quirky ones that people aren't expecting. We all do 'cycle to work', offer 'in office massages'.

13. Sell to them

Show them the 10 reasons they should work for you.

14. Give back

Do your bit for charity, show your corporate initiatives. Candidates love to be heard and get involved with giving back.

15. Outline a support network

Show candidates they won't be alone, assign them a buddy.

16. Go live

Showcase each of your live roles on the site.

17. Link to Glassdoor

Give them a link through to your Glassdoor page, they'll find it anyways, so just make it easy for them.

18. Set expectations

Outline the application process. How many steps? Make it sound easy. Better yet, ensure it is easy!

19. 1 click CV drop

Add a button that opens an email on the candidate's computer pre-populated with the right email address ready to drop their CV.

20. Declutter

Remove the unnecessary fields in your application forms. Save that for an engaging phone conversation. All your need is a name, email and number right? Don't make them log in, ever. Keep it on one page.

21. Give them an alternative

They won't always want to apply. Let them register interest or sign up to a mailing list.

Are you looking for more tips? We've got you covered. Head over to part 2 where we get into your job postings.

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