Austin Fraser Careers Video
Austin Fraser Careers Video

This is what incredible futures are made of.

Deeply embedded in our cities & communities, we enable incredible careers and deliver the best technology and life sciences talent. When you peel back our logo, what will you find? Incredible people, what else?

Our people breathe life into Austin Fraser. They come with different life experiences, expectations, and paths, but one thing they all have in common is a belief in doing the right thing, no matter what, no if's or but's.

We challenge you to join our team and not get an extended family while you’re at it. Go on. We’ll wait.

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What makes us, us?

Building Incredible Futures

Showing up for our cities

Making a real difference

Doing what hasn't been done

Loving what we do

Doing the right thing


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Austin Fraser

4 days ago
Associate Consultant


£25000 - £32000 per annum + Uncapped commission

Looking to join a company that values growth, development and building incredible futures for their employees? Look no further... Austin Fraser is growing! We are looking for passionate individuals to join the team, y...

Hannah Gardiner profile image

Hannah Gardiner

9 days ago
Finance Manager


£50000 - £55000 per annum

We are really excited to be growing our Finance team at Austin Fraser and Austin Vita! With the exciting, continued growth of the business we are looking for a Finance Manager to join us. In this role you will be resp...

Hannah Gardiner profile image

Hannah Gardiner

21 days ago
Internal Talent Partner



We are so excited to be growing our Global Talent Acquisition team who play a significant role in identifying talented individuals, enabling business growth, and helping people to build incredible futures! We are look...

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9 Years, 7 Roles, 3 Countries

How long have you been at Austin Fraser?

I’ve been with Austin Fraser for almost 9 years. Previously to AF, I had been an Estate Agent for 5 years which gave me my sales background. I was looking for a job that would enhance my skills, give me greater financial stability to support my young family and provide an excellent career.

Talk us through your career to date?

I started life at AF as a Trainee Contracts Consultant in Reading building up the PHP Development market across London. I received an initial 12 weeks of training in the classroom and on the sales floor which gave me confidence and a great platform to build from.

I progressed as a Consultant through to Senior in the UK. I then moved to Austin, Texas to support the launch of our first US office where I became a Team Leader and a City Manager. I then took on a Regional Director role based in Munich, overseeing our South Germany regions. My current role is as Global Sales Project Director, supporting our Sales Leaders across AF and AV.

Talk to us about your achievements and favourite moments at AF?

I still hold the fastest promotion from Trainee to Consultant at 11 weeks which is an achievement I’m extremely proud of. This really helped me gain confidence in my abilities and launch my career.

Becoming City Manager of our Austin Office marked an incredible journey for me. To become a key part in something that we had built from scratch was a career milestone. I also had the privilege of helping to launch and develop the careers of some great individuals. During my time as City Manager in Austin we won the global AF awards for team of the year twice and I was also awarded Leader of the year.

“To have had the experience of living and working in all three countries that we operate in and work with so many great people has been such an incredible experience.”

Aside from the workplace, I have had the opportunity to travel to several amazing cities on incentive trips. Among my favourites have been New York, New Orleans, Hvar (Croatia), and St Anton.

Describe life at AF?

I think it would be extremely hard to find another recruitment company out there who invests so heavily in it’s people. That’s what makes working at Austin Fraser so special. If you visit any of our offices you will always get the same feeling of support, excitement, opportunity and fun.

How has life at AF impacted you outside the workplace?

Over the past 9 years I have been able to support my family financially, buy a house, get married and move my family to the US and back which was a life changing experience.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career at AF?

This is more than a job. The incentives, great office and earning potential are all extremely attractive but are not just handed to you. This is no easy ride. But, if you live through our values: Earn it, Own it, Love it - then I don’t believe there is a more rewarding and enjoyable career out there.

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Alex Mason Austin Fraser Story
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Your Future’s In Your Hands!

How long have you been with us?

My journey before Austin Fraser is best described like this:

“When one door closes another opens -> If you want to see the opening door, you will!”

After finishing my apprenticeship in hospitality in 2008 I went to many job fairs for an overview of opportunities in that particular industry. After subscribing to various potential employers, I received a call out of the blue from “Robinson Club” and only a few days later I started working in Greece (Kos).

Delivering the dream service and holiday to guests was an amazing experience but at the same time, very demanding and tough work.

A driver of mine has always been “not standing still and wanting to learn more” so I started studies (Bachelor of Arts) in Business & Tourism Management with a focus on quality & personnel management. This resulted in a degree with a huge final project on how to find the best talent for the industry.

The rest is history!!

I knew I wanted to put my energy into supporting businesses in finding the right talent for their projects / teams and applied at Austin Fraser in Munich in 2013.

A friend of mine knew the company having recently spoken with our CRO, Jacob and she mentioned it would be the perfect match! Following a very quick process I started only 2 weeks later, during one of the famous AF Welcome Weeks in their UK Headquarters. That was October 2013, and this year marks my 7th work anniversary at Austin Fraser.

So how’s it been so far?

The Welcome Weeks in the UK were an amazing experience, helping me understand the spirit and culture of a fast-evolving company and I really enjoyed learning first hand from some of their top Consultants.

After my on-boarding weeks in the UK, I moved to Munich and started with 4 other new colleagues in our venture in Ludwigstrasse.

My Austin Fraser journey so far has almost offered me a promotion a year, in total I’ve gone through 6 roles, from Trainee Recruitment Consultant up to Senior Regional Director.

Talk to us about your achievements and favourite moments at AF?

It took mere weeks before I understood the saying “recruitment rollercoaster” first hand. It was tough to build a desk from scratch, but at the same time hugely rewarding.

I won’t forget my first achievement, winning my first big opportunity after 6 months in the business. During my career at Austin Fraser my absolute highlight was winning Top Biller Germany in 2015.

Working my way up and supporting/helping/guiding new colleagues, I knew where I wanted to go with my career. After mentoring the German contracting team for 2 years, I started in a Team Leader role in 2016. I always found huge fulfilment along my journey supporting others to build incredible futures for themselves. Creating something together with a team, helping others to reach levels beyond what I achieved and celebrating successes together was my key driver. I’ll never forget how that year ended as it was once again hugely rewarding to win the “Earn it, Own it, Love It” award at our annual ASM, voted for by our people!

Another milestone happened in the same year following our team success, I was promoted to 1st Contracts Manager Germany.

I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating many team wins, travelling to Dubai, New York, Ibiza and also experienced fine-dine cuisine in Munich with a series of Lunch Clubs and other team events.

In 2017 we opened our doors in Berlin and I got the opportunity to take over our new city with a team of 5. This was the opportunity of a lifetime! Starting a new office from scratch, building a team, creating a culture, and putting into action all the lessons learned from the previous 4 years...YEAS!

12 months in and Berlin now the most successful AF office launch has given me unlimited drive and the belief that I was on the right path!

Talk to us about life at AF?

Having worked for 2 other employers previously, for me the huge opportunities I have been given, has been very special. My motto in life was always:

“You can get anywhere if you like to! It's you, yourself who forms your future. Do it!”

I love the flat hierarchy, and from day one there has been a “People First” approach. Personally, I identify with the philosophy and values Pete and Del (Founders) put in place and it’s been amazing to see how we have developed as a company over the years, still staying true to who we are and what we stand for.

You are heard, You have a voice, You count!

Next to the people and opportunities, transparency was really important to me as I have missed that in my former jobs. To get everyone on board with what you want to achieve - and yes, the biggest milestones you achieve together as a team - transparency in my opinion is key to that.

Sales can be tough and there are a lot of sales companies out there where internal competition can lead to a culture where team player spirit is often missing. I’ve experienced the opposite on my journey with AF, it’s why I love working in the environment we have built. It genuinely feels like we’re a big family, looking out for each other and lifting each other up in difficult times and when needed.

How has life at AF impacted you outside of work?

I feel like everything I learned on my journey the last 7 years has hugely impacted my private life. Communication styles, type of personalities, challenges and opportunities I was facing, everything has broadened my horizon and helped me to become a better version of myself.

Moving to Berlin in 2017 has not just been an amazing opportunity professionally. It allowed me to finally move in with my boyfriend in Berlin. I knew I didn't want to stay in Munich forever but I also knew, the right time and opportunity would come to move on. Only a few months later we got married and our professional and private life matched up perfectly!

As you know my hospitality background now, you know I never had a lot of cash to live from. Working 6-day-weeks and having minimal holidays I wasn't presented a range of opportunities in my private life. This has now changed!

In the past 7 years I have been travelling to many places I always wanted to visit. I have experienced new cultures and a new type of freedom. All whilst staying true to who I am and what I stand for. My godmother once said to me;

“if you do something you really love, you will have everything you need...”

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career at AF?

You know my story now, you know that you can shape your own future here at AF. It depends on you! What do you want?

Sales/Recruitment can be tough and at the same time hugely rewarding. You need to know your why and it will carry you through all the ups and downs on that roller coaster.

If you don't know your 'why' - go find out first!

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A Day in the #LifeatAF

"Happy Friday!!!" I tell myself as I am rushing to the elevator in our office building. I know once I enter the doors of the office, it's showtime!!!

Last Fridays of the month are always special in sales. My whole team has some good stuff on the go, processes we gotta close ASAP to make sure we stay on track for our next incentive - Cancun, baby!

Always at my desk a couple of minutes earlier, gotta reserve some time to sip my black coffee while I am scheduling my day. Prioritizing is the key and asking myself "What will make this day be a good one?"

Ok, got it, my goal for the day is to get feedback from one of the interviews happening yesterday and book the final round for Monday or Tuesday. The faster the process, the better. Hopefully, both my engineer and my manager are hyped about each other.

Oh, and I have to find another candidate for this super hard to fill the role. I mean they already are interested in one of my people, but I need a plan B - you never know. Luckily, one of my candidates I placed 2 years ago called me to let me know that his friend is looking for a new opportunity and it sounded like he might be a fit for the role. I have a call scheduled with him this afternoon so fingers crossed!

At lunch, I will go out and meet the CTO from this cool startup located in Uptown. I can't wait to get to know his story and see how we can find the right talent for him. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go with the team for our weekly lunch, but we'll grab a happy hour drink after work today anyways and I almost forgot: Sunday we will be grilling at our manager's house, damn, I hope it's not going to be as wild as last time!

And as usual, I gotta go hunt for fresh prospects. I need to work on my new pitch, I want to make it something funny this time. At one of our last trainings, we were encouraged to try this out: "Hi, this is Corina with Austin Fraser and yes, this is a sales call. Feel free to hang up anytime if you are not interested, I won't take it personally." I loved the idea!

Competition of the day: whoever gets the most leads tracked in the system, will get to leave the office 2 hours earlier. I could use that for a shopping session to spend all my commission on it.

Oh no, I forgot!! I only have 1 more day to send my stuff to the marketing team. They are working on this super awesome new website for us and they asked me to write about a day in the life of a recruiter. They will not be amused if I ask for another deadline extension... but I don't even know where to start with, there's so much to say...

Alright, it's time for our morning stand-up but why is everyone all of a sudden standing up? Ohhh, it's my trainee's deal tune, time to ring the bell!

Every new day at work looks nothing like the previous day - you got to be able to enjoy this. I am so happy because I will never get bored in my job and I always get to meet all kinds of people. It's challenging at times, you have to be resilient, have excellent time management skills, and be able to deal with chaos and so many unknown variable factors while working with people. My motivation? Becoming better day by day, learning from my mentors and coaches, and being challenged, working with the most amazing people I know, get to see the world, and build deep relationships with businesses and candidates.

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