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Our team of tech recruiters at Austin Fraser understand how data and analytics plays a critical role in making key business decisions, processes and outcomes, and recognise how important it is to find the best candidates with the right skills to join your team. 

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Our tech recruiters can find the talent you need to grow your team by searching for the best job seekers using our exclusive candidate pool. Whether you’re looking to fill permanent roles or contract jobs, we’re here to help.

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Are you searching for data science roles in Dallas or maybe data engineer jobs in Austin? Our staffing agency recruiters are committed to helping you find the next step in your career. We have a network of tech companies from small start-ups to global organisations in the data community, offering exciting opportunities in the UK. Our specialist team at Austin Fraser have expert knowledge and experience to match you with the perfect job role. 

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Saatva were looking for months to add a Data Engineer and DevOps Engineer to their Engineering team in Austin. With the tech boom in Austin and many large tech companies building out teams, Saatva was struggling to attract the top talent to notice their exciting opportunity.

We knew that the best talent in Austin is always in a “passively” looking state, so we began by understanding everything we could about the role, team, and overall culture of Saatva. The key was establishing what makes this position unique and the benefits of joining their team. We then took that knowledge back to our network of Austinites to identify candidates that would be a match for the role. With an understanding of those candidates' drivers and the unique challenge at Saatva, the best candidates were submitted to the team.

By working in partnership with Saatva and refining the search throughout the process, we were able to find the perfect candidate for their team, under the agreed timescales. Due to the impact of the first hire, Saatva’s need for a second-team member came quicker than expected!

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