Obsessed with doing the right thing

Our people.

Since we launched in 2007, our people and our culture have continuously set us apart from the competition. The Austin Fraser team has grown from two people in a garage, to more than 100 people across three countries. But our attitude towards internal recruitment remains the same: bring in great people and offer them all the tools, support and training they need to become truly excellent market specialists.


Every member of our team lives the values of Austin Fraser: earn it, own it, love it.

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We walk the walk.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it too. We know great relationships don’t happen overnight so we make sure we’re reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable for our communities, clients, candidates and each other. We’re loyal to the core.


We never tear someone else down to big ourselves up. This is how we earn our stripes and are rewarded when we achieve.


We get it done.

We see opportunities and go after them like no-one else. We strive to do things differently and challenge the status quo. We’re real so what you see, hear and feel is genuine. We’ll always find solutions, never problems.


We know our stuff inside out, and we do what we say we will. We’re honest and tell it how it is, even when that feels tough, no excuses or bullshit. We care, A LOT.


We love it.

We take huge pride in doing a great job and smashing our goals, celebrating the highs and collectively finding our way through the lows. We take our roles seriously, but know how to have fun. You’ll find a passionate and lively bunch who recognise that our people show this in different ways.


We know happy people, make successful people. We all contribute to our culture, looking out for each other and doing the right thing along the way. We’ll always pitch in when our teammates need help, just try stopping us. We shout the small wins as the many huge achievements we make. We take part, get stuck in, and never sit on the sidelines.

51% : 49% male: female gender balance
99% CEO approval
85% Recommend us to a friend
78% Employee Retention
31 International Awards
100% Flexible Company

The Numbers.

51% : 49% male: female gender balance

We know teams are stronger and more effective when they're balanced and are proud of the fact our gender balance is visible in all parts of the business through to the exec team.

The story so far...

We’ve been challenging the status quo for years....



Born in a garage

Pete and Del cozied up in the available space above the garage to build what is now, as we believe, the greatest tech recruitment company to ever exist


Work for us.

Not your average 9 to 5.


We’re looking for people who have what it takes to build the kind of meaningful relationships that help deliver the best talent.

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