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Day to Day: We are seeking a network engineer to work within the enterprise system support division. This division is responsible for networks, servers, enterprise services and cloud. As a network engineer you will support the planning, implementation, and ongoing support of the government agencies LAN & WAN.

1. Network and Technical Support for Austin based government agency
a. Support the installation, configuration of equipment
b. Support issues with personal computers - logging in, network connectivity, authorization, software
c. Support issues with printers
d. General technical support relating to internet outages
e. Troubleshooting and repairing voice over internet protocol (VOIP) issues
2. Wide Area and Local Area Network Support
a. Work on trouble tickets - router, switches, firewalls offline, slow performance or other issues
b. Support installation, configuration, testing of new or replacement router, switches, firewalls offline,
slow performance or other issues
3. Equipment
a. Primarily CISCO routers, switches, firewalls
b. Some HP switches
c. ATT primary provider of network services over a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
d. Use ATT Cloud Services for connections into remote sites
e. Verizon provides long term evolution (LTE) services