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IT Architecture: shaping the future with AI and machine learning

​Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of IT architecture and the future of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation at our Leaders in Tech London event in the UK’s tech capital!

​Become a part of thought-provoking discussions and interactive sessions led by industry experts, that promise a wealth of knowledge, fresh perspectives, and surprising insights to fuel innovation.

​Get ready to push the boundaries of IT architecture and kindle collaboration with your fellow tech professionals.

​Refreshments will be provided, and there will be plenty of opportunities for networking and Q&A with our guest speakers:

  • Balagopal Madhusoodhanan - Senior tech leader, architect, and engineer who's no stranger to the complexities of supply chain and cloud-native solutions for Fortune 100 companies. 

  • More amazing speakers to be announced soon!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with other professionals in the industry. Register now to secure your spot!

  • Austin Fraser office, 33 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QU

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