The Engineering Manager as a Master Recruiter · Austin Fraser
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The Engineering Manager as a Master Recruiter

About the event

Join ​this ​panel ​discussion​ with experienced ​engineering leaders ​to find out ​about best practices, new approaches, and principles on how to win the talent market and recruit the best software engineers​. The discussion will address questions such as who should be leading the recruitment efforts, how much time a manager needs to put into recruitment, and how ​to find skilled engineers with a mindset that fits your team's culture.

The panelists: 

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Your Panelists

Susi Krieg
Susi Krieg
Senior Regional Recruitment Director, Austin Fraser

Bastian Bush

Mentoring Club Initiator


Sebastian Heide Meyer zu Erpen

VP Engineering, CrossEngage


Suresh Pillai

Advisor of Customer & Product Insights, Trade Republic

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