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AI & Data Strategy and the changing landscape post-COVID


The Covid-19 pandemic has served to highlight the critical importance of actionable data as an asset and the global currency of the future. Being ‘data-driven’ is not a new concept; but what does it mean to truly embrace a data-driven approach throughout an organisation? How should a business leverage its data to drive growth, and what are the ethical considerations to account for?

Join us and our brilliant panel of experts and thought leaders for an engaging round-table discussion on shaping AI & Data Strategy in a post-Covid-19 world.

We will explore the link between how your business works with data and AI today, and your brand value and reputation tomorrow. Attendees can expect to learn about how businesses approach implementing a Data & AI strategy and the common pitfalls associated with this journey.

We are delighted to be joined by:
Richard Foster-Fletcher - Host of the podcast Boundless: Designing our Digital Future
Rabia Khan - Managing Director, Discovery Science at Sensyne Health
Stylianos Taxidis - Head of Data Science & Products at CDP
Edosa Odaro - Chief Business Officer at Theory+Practice
Robin Bradley - Lecturer in AI at Uni of Hertfordshire
Martin Millmore - Head of Technology, AI Applications at Oracle


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Richard Foster-Fletcher
Richard Foster-Fletcher
Keynote Speaker & Podcaster
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Sam Chaher

Data Analytics Consultant

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