Real life at Austin Fraser (part two)

Ever walked into an office and felt at ease straight away? Although it’s hard to pin down, we think that vibe is incredibly important. At Austin Fraser, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our people feel happy and enjoy working here. We’re honest about our culture – which is one of the reasons we’ve won ‘OpenCompany’ status from recruitment website, Glassdoor.
There’s no getting around it – succeeding here takes drive. But if you’re motivated and up for a challenge, we’ll do all we can to help you achieve. It starts with a positive culture where there’s a sense of camaraderie and colleagues supporting each other. If people have a problem, they don’t moan – they speak up. In fact, there’s a lot of emphasis on communication, not just with team mates, but with clients and communities too. We’re not about hard sell. We’re about taking the time to build connections.
It’s all part of our company vision, which has been established by our leaders – Pete Hart and Derek Simpson. They started the business in a garage, back in 2007 and they haven’t forgotten their roots or the importance of staying humble.
Having said that, our leaders encourage ambition and have plenty themselves. Which is why our list of international offices keeps on growing. The people who thrive here are equally determined and have an affinity with our values: Earn it, Own it, Love it. In other words, striving for goals, doing things the Austin Fraser way and being passionate about what you do. We appreciate our team’s hard work and talent enormously, which is why we don’t skimp on incentives. You’ll find they’re always worth the effort, whether it’s a night at an amazing restaurant or a trip somewhere exotic.

So what about daily life in the office? What can you expect? Although everyone works hard, we’re also sociable and love getting together. There are always events such as quiz nights, birthday parties, sports days, team building and of course, the Annual Sales Meeting – aka, an epic Christmas party! And then there’s our All Hands Live – a global business meeting that’s streamed live to every office around the world. It’s a chance for every employee to hear from our leaders and pose questions in real time. And underpinning all this is a culture that’s based on fairness, respect and equal opportunities. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, you’ll be welcomed here. We are committed to recruiting the best talent, regardless of background.
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