Managing Quality at Scale in the Age of Digital Transformation: three top tech minds reveal all at Leaders in Tech | Denver.

Leaders in Tech was designed to give senior industry figures the chance to explore the latest tech thinking among their peers. Denver’s second Leaders in Tech event didn’t disappoint. The event featured three distinguished guest speakers who each gave their take on Managing Quality at Scale in the Age of Digital Transformation. First up was Angus Robertson, CMO at Axcient. 
Angus’s topic was Creating a Product and Distribution Flywheel. He explained how his company created sales momentum by taking a different approach to the buyer journey. By identifying customers’ friction and engagement points, and getting the Product team involved, he and his team were able to constantly refine the buyer experience, creating products which customers loved and recommended. Having a full understanding of a changing product market meant Axcient could adapt and continue to provide quality at scale.

Next, was Dave Hanna, VP of Technology at Oppenheimer Funds. His specialist subject was a ‘Paint by Numbers’ Approach to Digital Transformation. Dave described a technique of creating a ‘tech template’ for a business, which can then be filled through a series of logical, consultative steps – to create a masterpiece!
Finally, Netflix’s Director of Engineering, Brian Buege, took the floor. The title of his talk was The Last 10-Feet; the Netflix Approach to Managing Quality at Scale. Brian described how a business such as Netflix – which has 150 million subscribers and accounts for 15% of internet traffic – actually works. He also explained how Netflix achieves quality by “assuming everything is always going to break”. With that in mind, Netflix has ‘Chaos Engineering’, whose job it is to break everything during production – which is how Netflix make sure all its systems are as resilient as possible. That was just one aspect of a complex operation, which delivers around 90 terabits per second.  

Along with some fascinating tech insight, our leaders enjoyed great food and refreshments, plus the chance to catch up with Denver’s tech community. We can’t wait to do it all again, so keep an eye on our site for details! 
Leaders in Tech is a chance to connect with fellow technology leaders from both new and established innovative businesses, share best practice, discuss up-and-coming advances and generally connect with like-minded individuals.