Leaders in Tech | Austin: six experts get to grips with #AI

AI is one of the hottest topics in the tech world right now. And as AI evolves, so do the issues and questions that surround its application and implementation. Our latest Leaders In Tech Austin event gave the area’s CTOs, CIOs and senior tech figures the chance to discuss the latest thinking and find out how to make the most of AI within their organizations.
The community event was entitled The Convergence of AI; Practical Scaling and involved six panelists. Each one brought very different viewpoints and experience gained at the cutting-edge of very different fields. They included Allyson Jacobson, Global Marketing Director, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at GE Healthcare; Andy Terrel, Chief Data Scientist at REX; Robert Welborn, Director of Data and Data Science at General Motors; Seshu Vavilikolanu, Senior Director of Engineering at Phunware; Whurley, CEO of Strangeworks; and Katrina Riehl, Head of Data Science at Cloudflare, Inc. (who kindly hosted the meet-up). Our moderator for the evening was Nicole Hartings, VP of Technical Development Management, Automation and Artificial Intelligence at State Street.
The first subjects covered were the convergence of AI and other technologies; how AI affects your company; and the differences between those embracing AI and those who don’t. The audience was super-engaged right from the start and there were plenty of questions from the floor. Our panelists then moved onto new topics: making AI practical at scale, the current industry climate and future visions. Again, our 30+ tech leaders had plenty to say – which seemed to give them all quite an appetite! Happily, there were drinks and delicious dishes on offer over at the buffet. The proof’s on Instagram Stories!

As the evening drew to a close, a number of key points emerged. It was noted that currently AI is still being programmed by humans, so that behind every algorithm, there are people making vital judgments. The panel also came to the consensus that Marketing is one of the places where AI has the potential to make the biggest impact – and that if you aren’t making data-driven decisions in 2019, you’re way behind the curve!
Though our guests were keen to talk on into the night, there came a point where we had to say goodbye. However, several panelists and audience members were inspired to volunteer for the next meet-up – so watch this space.
We can’t wait to organize the next event, so keep an eye on our site for details! It’s a chance to connect with fellow technology leaders from both new and established innovative businesses, share best practice, discuss up-and-coming advances and generally connect with like-minded individuals.

If you’d like to see what the evening was like for yourself, head over to Instagram Stories, where you’ll find pics and commentary from Community Manager, Mikaela Gallagher.