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Image for blog post Benefits of Contract Employment
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Benefits of Contract Employment

Jake Valles

​How do I save on cost?

Contract staffing is specifically designed for this purpose. For most organizations, the most expensive bit of overhead that they have to incur is the cost of people. What we do from a staffing perspective is to provide a solution that eliminates a lot of the associated statutory costs that come with direct employment. So as a W-2 employer, we incur these costs for you and help mitigate a lot of the risk associated with direct employment.

How do I fill my talent gaps?

Contract staffing can be a great solution for this type of scenario. You're able to bring in specialists or specific individuals who might be able to get you past a few problems that have been difficult to solve. They can help you expedite some projects to get them out the door or more importantly just bring in some individuals that might have some expertise that you don't currently have on your team.

How do I get support quickly?

Contract staffing solutions really help with this issue because of the fact that we're able to onboard individuals fairly quickly it can really help to get you some support right away depending on what your internal processes look like, we can onboard individuals within a matter of days. Our interview processes and procedures are designed specifically for this. Our goal is to get candidates over to you within 48 hours and we work best when you call us on Monday and you need somebody the following week.

How do I access the best talent?

Working with the correct staffing provider is a big way to access the best talent you can. We here at Austin Fraser are a niche provider of technical staffing talent, specific to the Austin, Denver, and Dallas markets. We work diligently to ingrain ourselves in these ecosystems and make sure that we are not only working with candidates that are looking for opportunities in each sector, but also with Managers that are looking for that type of talent as well.

How do I stay agile in an uncertain time?

Contract staffing can provide you with the flexibility you're looking for whether it's working to get projects out the door quickly to meet deadlines or if it is spiking in production based on seasonal workload increase, the scalability of a contract solution can bring a tremendous amount of value to any company.

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