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.NET Insights - Lockdown Exit Strategy
Insights>.NET Insights - Lockdown Exit Strategy
Warren Clark
Jul 23, 2020

Let's talk about how the approach to not only hiring staff but retaining staff is extremely important if you are going to be able to thrive in a post-lockdown environment! However your organisation has been impacted by Covid-19, cautious steps are being taken in returning to normal business activities and engaging project & growth plans.

There are many talking points around employee engagement but below are four that are more important than ever to help with the retention and attraction of talent on the market.

01. Your Story

One of the most overlooked yet arguably one of the most important aspects of talent engagement is telling the story of the company. This isn’t necessarily providing a history timeline since day one but allowing people a window into what’s great about the company, e.g the culture, the benefits, the opportunities, the people etc. Putting yourself in the shoes of a candidate will build a picture of what the company looks like from the outside, if this doesn’t excite you, then why would it excite the talent you want to attract? There are great things about all companies, so talk about them!

02. Being Transparent

This may seem like quite an obvious one to include but the stories I hear of organisations not sharing great news with their employees and involving them in what is simply a byproduct of their great work are all too common. Obvious stability and confidence in the company are paramount to holding onto and securing talent at the best of times, and even more so now - if employees aren’t provided with reassurance and evidence that their position is perfectly stable, then this can easily have a knock-on effect.

03. The Interview Process

Everyone will have a slightly different way to qualify candidates for a position in their team &have a different take on how it should be structured but the overall experience is extremely important to get right. If you are hiring and engaging with someone, then that’s happening because of a mutual interest in working together, so treat it with respect. Moving quickly, clear communication, and committing as much to the candidate as they are to you will result in an engaging, exciting, and confident experience for all. If there are long gaps in stages and hesitations, candidates will quickly question your commitment to them and become disinterested.

04. Being Market Aware

Making sure you are in touch with what your competitors are offering and providing the best your organisation can at the time goes without saying in ensuring a settled and happy workforce. Employee demands aren’t a one size fits all so talk to your employees and understand them personally as much as you understand the general market.

Want to talk about practical ways to implement this within your team or organisation? Get in touch with me!

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