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Niklas Röper background profile image

About Niklas

Specialising in Frontend, Javascript & Typescript Recruitment.

I’m Niklas Röper, a Consultant currently recruiting in Hamburg, Germany. 

I have 1,5 years of experience, recruiting the following skill sets: Frontend, Javascript & Typescript, in Hamburg, Germany.

I’m passionate about the Frontend community in Hamburg, and make it my business to know everyone within it. It means I can deliver access to the whole market and connect you with the right person to progress your business and your career.

If you’d like to connect with me and get involved in my Frontend community then reach out for a chat today.

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Working with Niklas

​Niklas hat mir einen Job vermittelt und hatte ein super Gespür dafür wonach ich gesucht habe und sein erstes Gefühl war auch Goldrichtig. Er hat mir einige nette Optionen vorgestellt aber seine erste Einschätzung war die beste und umgekehrt passte ich auch perfekt in die Ausschreibung der Firma. Schnell, nett und unkompliziert!


Sendesignal GmbH und Co. KG

​Niklas is a friendly person with a passion for frequent feedback conversations. In comparison with most recruiters, he's taking extra time to discover you as a person to provide you with the most applicable relevant offers he has. In my experience he's working with small-mid range companies for the moment of our cooperation. You should definitely get in touch with him if you want your ambitions to be heard.

Senior Software Engineer

Swarovski GmbH
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