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Laura Lietzau background profile image

About Laura

I have been in this industry since 2011. I started as a 360°consultant. From this time on I have worked with great clients and talented candidates in all industries. It has always been my passion to consult candidates to reach their career goals and clients in their strategic business progression. 

In 2012 I also became part of the people management team. Since then I have led teams in temporary and permanent staffing. My main focus is to develop their careers to help them to fulfill their personal goals. 

If you’d like to connect with me and get involved in my community then reach out or have you ever wondered how life is in an international, successful, future-trending, family-feeling-like company with a modern working environment? 

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Working with Laura

​Laura has enchanted me since the first contact. She is the best recruiter I have known so far - and I have talked with a LOT of them - Laura has a different perspective on how the recruiting process should work and it is clearly acting on it. It was a delightful surprise to see her paying attention to details that are mostly dismissed and seeing opportunities that really match my profile and also take into consideration the important points I have specified. The contracting process doesn't depend just on her but I am convinced that working with professionals that share her view is the best way to land the right positions to oneself.

Senior Software Engineer

​Laura is an amazing person. She is in fact my favourite agent in recruitment so far. Not only is she an eloquent and charming communication partner but also she exudes confidence and competence. Laura has profound knowledge of the markets paired with a concerted level of diplomacy and tactfulness. Collaborations with her are cooperative, constructive and always come along with a pleasant subtone. She has that talent to find a tradeoff which all involved parties can agree upon and therefore she makes the perfect mediator. She always delivers more than she has to and she seems to enjoy exceeding all expectations. Looking forward to future cooperations and contracts. Five out of five stars.​

Senior Software Engineer

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