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About Dion

​Specialising in Embedded C or C++.

I’m Dion Idoko, the Embedded// C/C++ Recruitment Consultant specialised in Freelancing.

I love connecting with people and recruiting the best C/C++ Developers / Architects in the Region of Baden-Württemberg.

I think in life you can't have enough options. Let me help you find the right option for the perfect job. In Munich, you can find me at the soccer fields, hunting my next goals or in the stadium and watch my favourite soccer team.

I’m looking forward to finding out what your life’s about!

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Working with Dion

​I am a professional software developer, specialized in embedded systems. Currently I am looking for a new project as freelancer, and recently have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Dion Idoko, with the company Austin Fraser. Mr. Idoko has shown the following qualities, which have positively impressed me.​Reliable: Mr. Idoko has searched out two possible contracts for me, and helped me to apply for them. He keeps me well-informed concerning the progress of my applications. He is also readily available, easy for me to reach by telephone, in contrast to many other Recruitment Agents with whom I have tried to work.Creative: Mr. Idoko asked me to do video interviews for the two contracts. I have been a freelancer in the German automobile industry now for 14 years, and this was the first time anyone has ever requested or suggested a video interview. I find this to be a very creative use of up-to-date technology. Mr. Idoko also encouraged me to be creative in producing the videos.Pleasant: I find Mr. Idoko friendly and pleasant to deal with. He has a good sense of humor, which I personally value. I definitely prefer to work with someone who is pleasant and has humor!This has been my first contact with the company Austin Fraser. Due to my positive experience with Mr. Idoko, I would definitely recommend to my freelance software developer colleagues that they should work with Austin Fraser and Mr. Idoko.

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