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We're a tech recruitment agency in the heart of Ba-Wü

Building incredible futures in Ba-Wü!

We’re on the ground in Germany‘s third largest state, at the heart of the Ba-Wü tech hub, enabling incredible futures and delivering the best tech talent.

We love that the world is more connected than ever and that new opportunities are found at the click of a button, but just having access isn’t enough. The real challenge is making sense of it and knowing what’s right for you.

That’s where we come in. Incredible futures are built together.

We believe in real relationships with shared goals. Queue the fireworks!

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Team Ba-Wü

We enjoy the most hours of sunshine nationwide and are proud of our culinary diversity, especially serving the worlds’ best Spätzle. Our favourite way to experience Ba-Wü’s individuality is by connecting with
our local tech community on site.

From Karlsruhe in Baden, over Stuttgart in Swabia, heading down South to Lake Constance - no matter where we are, we make it our business to know the best tech talent in the region.

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Deeply connected in Ba-Wü

Our consultants make it their business to know everyone in the tech community of Baden-Württemberg, meaning we can connect you with the right person at the best time.

We love bringing people together who share similar skill sets to exchange ideas and opinions, to learn and upskill. Where support for work and life goals goes hand in hand with real social connection. Friendships are made, learning happens, shared knowledge grows, careers flourish.

This is more than a matchmaking exercise, it’s a belief that runs deep into the core of our business: that we truly care about our city and want to do the right thing by investing in it.

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