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Image for blog post 20 Things to Consider in Your Application Process
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20 Things to Consider in Your Application Process

Richard Williams

64 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience: Part 3 - Your application process

Candidates are not just interviewing with you. You are actively being compared to the other employers who may have a much better interview process. "What does an attractive application process look like? How do I communicate that? Will we cover all of the bases?"

These are all questions you have probably asked yourself and your team when discussing the candidate experience of your application process. So for you, we have listed 20 things to consider. You will have read Part 1 covering your website, Part 2 on your job postings, this is about your application process, and next up is your onboarding programme. Here we go!

Your Application Process

1. Quick fire

When someone applies, no matter how or where, reply to them instantaneously. This is your first impression, set up an autoresponder to create efficiency.

2. Thank them well!

Shoot a team video shouting THANK YOU. Show a puppy with a thank you message. Create a unique GIF for each application. Whatever you do, stand out when thank them for their application.

3. Set expectations

When will you be in touch? Who will it be? What are the steps in the process?

4. Call ASAP

How impressive is it when someone calls back in minutes? On the ball. Even if it's to say thank you. You'd do it for a customer and candidates are your customers.

5. Email again

Follow up every call with an email summary. Every time. Every call.

6. Calendly or scheduler

Use a calendar app to streamline the interview booking process. They allow for ease and flexibility.

7. Candidate packs

Create guides on everything, how to interview, questions to ask, company information, bios on the people interviewing. Pretend you're interviewing, do their research for them. Show them how much you want them to succeed.

8. Video welcome

Shoot videos with their hiring manager greeting them and outlining how much they look forward to meeting. Stick it on a landing page. This increases engagement and breaks down barriers. This can be done with Vidyard.

9. Reminders

Schedule an automated email reminder two days before the interview outlining where to park, what to wear, names of people they are meeting.

The Initial Meeting

10. Let people know

"So and so has just buzzed up!" "Who?!" You're already on the back foot. Let the workplace know you have someone interviewing. Make them aware of their name, tell them to use it. It goes a long way.

11. Familiar face

Have their point of contact greet them as they walk in. The rapport is there already and it will help set them at ease. Offer them a drink.

12. Take a tour

Break the ice, warm them up, and show them what they could be working with. This gives them a moment to let their nerves settle while also seeing how cool the office is!

13. Give stuff away

People forget pens and notepads, give them one of yours! Make a joke out of the stereotypical branded stress ball. If anything, it adds to your brand awareness, but ultimately it's a thoughtful gesture.

14. Ask questions

Be curious about them, ask about their family and their interests.

15. Start on time

Show that you respect their time and this is just as important to you as it is to them. Punctuality is key.

16. Hand back

After the interview is finished, reintroduce them to their point of contact. This keeps things consistent and often, initial feedback is easier with an existing relationship.

17. Email again

Summarise any questions, initial feedback or points of interest immediately. Do it that day - within an hour. Powerful stuff!

18. Be quick

Often the interviewer will know before the candidate has left the room. As soon as possible, feedback to the candidate. The clock is ticking for them.

Ready to change up your process? While you're at it, let's talk about your onboarding process. Head over to part 4 to read more tips for onboarding!

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