Image for blog post 13 Ways to Improve Your Job Postings
Image for blog post 13 Ways to Improve Your Job Postings
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13 Ways to Improve Your Job Postings

​64 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience: Part 2 - Your job postings

As a candidate embarks on the journey of finding a new job, your company needs to stand out as the employer of choice. "How do I go about doing that? What do candidates want to see? Where do I even start?"

These are all questions you have probably asked yourself and your team when discussing the candidate experience of your employer brand. So for you, we have four areas to cover 64 different ways you can boost how people interact with your employer brand. These include your website, your job postings, your application process, and your onboarding programme. You will have read details in Part 1 about your website. Let's dive into your job postings!

Job Postings

1. Careers not jobs

Show the path the job will provide, your workplace culture, and more. This gets candidates excited about the role and is useful when preparing for interviews.

2. Challenge

Outline the challenge they will tackle.

3. Show your values

Explain why they are important and how they impact the role. What subsequent behabiours are you expecting?

4. Social links

Link through to your social channels. Your Employer Brand should live and breathe here. Guide their research.

5. Shoot video

Better than a job spec, shoot a video instead. Interview people doing the role, talk through the requirements.

6. Add benefits

Very few write the financial benefits on their posts. Financial, flexibility, all go a long way.

7. Add recruiter info

Show their photo, add their contact info. Make engagement as easy as possible.

8. Social proof

If you've won relevant awards, drop the badges in! This is where "Best Employer" awards come in handy!

9. Pinpoint

Embed Google Maps or add an image with a link on your page to show them exactly where you are.

10. Highlight amenities

Show them the cool stuff! Shops, gyms, transportation, bars.

11. Office pics

Include images of their environment, the team they're on, plus a description of the highlights.

12. Reporting to

Who will they work with? It's an important point. Show them smiling, add a bio, link to their LinkedIn.

13. Not for you?

Highlight other open positions so as not to lose good talent. Let them decide if they are a good fit.

Loving these ideas? We've got even more for you. Head over to part 3 where we review your application process.

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