Image for blog post 10 Tips for Your Onboarding Process
Image for blog post 10 Tips for Your Onboarding Process
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10 Tips for Your Onboarding Process

Richard Williams

64 Ways to Improve Your Candidate Experience: Part 4 - Your onboarding process

You picked a winner! Now you've got to make their first day memorable.

It's time to shine. Your Employer Brand is living and breathing through every step of the first day. This is the most impressionable day of their entire career with you! We've walked you through every stage until this day. Let's make it top notch with these 10 considerations.


1. Welcome them

Once a candidate accepts, send them a welcome pack, video, or gif. These things don't always have to be custom. Build a stock library and attach them to your communications. It makes an impact.

2. Schedule

Plan their first week in the organisation. Who will they be meeting? What will they need to bring? Send ahead of starting.

3. Pre ticking

They'll normally have 4 weeks to kill before starting so don't leave it until day 1 to hit them with the health and safety document sign. Send anything you can beforehand so their first week is fun and engaging.

4. Allow lateness

Let them start late. Monday mornings are rubbish and a new starter complicates matters. Get settled and they can avoid the traffic.

5. Welcome packs

Day 1 swag! Branded coffee cups, notepads, pens, and other essentials. We've seen people being welcomed with iPods complete with a personal message from the CEO. Kindles with books relevant to the role. Be create and invest in them.

6. Welcome card

Get everyone to sign it! Make it personal. Inspire them. Check out what Apple does! (You knew they would be mentioned).

7. Familiar face

Just as in the earlier parts, this same familiar face should be greeting them at the door, through the lobby, up the elevator and into the bullpen!

8. Handshake hour

Or however long you need depending on how many starters you may have. Introduce them to everyone they will come into contact with, if not the whole company. It's refreshing for a new hire to get the awkward hellos out of the way and build a bank of familiar faces.

9. Lunch

Arrange lunch with their team on day one. Let the bonding commence!

10. Passport

Give them a passport with questions and facts about the company attributed to key individuals. They get to speak with people and learn at the same time.

We hope this helps guide your candidate experience and stick out as an employer of choice. Our knowledgable Consultants can help you customise your plan to your brand. Are you on the hiring journey now? Let us know!

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